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Best Places to Buy Rugs Online

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Best Places to Buy Rugs Online

In this post, I will be sharing all my favorite places to buy rugs online for myself and my clients.

Area rugs are a very important design element and I highly recommend them for all spaces. They offer comfort and have a way of making a room feel finished. Area rugs offer the opportunity to add color and style to your space. They even decrease the amount of noise in your space by absorbing the sound and providing a quiet walking surface on hardwoods. Area rugs go way beyond providing just looking pretty they create a whole cozy vibe for your home.

Now that you know why you need them you may be wondering where can you find the best ones. You can of course go to your favorite brick and mortar retailers, but many times they don’t carry a large selection of rugs in store. This is due to the shift in online shopping and the real estate that rugs can take up.

Don’t worry I am here to take the stress out of knowing where to look online. I am sharing 10 of the best places to buy rugs online. Whether it is their free shipping, easy returns, quality, or overall style you are sure to find the perfect rug for your home.

I am also sharing some of my favorite rugs from each retailer. Many of which are in my own home or that I have sources for my clients. “Affiliate links are provided for your convenience, please read my disclosure for more information.”

Boutique Rugs is one of my absolute favorite places to buy rugs online. Many of our rugs are from them. They have a huge selection in so many different styles and they are super affordable. They also offer free shipping which is not common for large home furniture and decor pieces.

I have a full review post here if you want to read about my first experience buying a rug from them online. I also have an exclusive coupon code for an additional 5% off any item on their site including home decor! Enter MDD at check out.

Boutique Rugs Favorites

Believe it or not, Amazon has a great selection of area rugs! If you have Amazon prime it is even better because you get free shipping and many times free returns. One of the hard parts about buying a rug online is not being able to feel the rug material or see the true colors in person. Free returns take the stress out of choosing the wrong rug.

Amazon has a large selection. I recommend using the search feature to find exactly what you are looking for. But there are a couple of brands that I love and recommend; SAFAVIEH, NuLOOM, Well Woven, and Loloi.

I also have an Amazon storefront where I share a collection of my favorite rugs you can shop it HERE.

Amazon Rug Favorites

World Market has a beautiful selection of area rugs for both interior and exterior. They do have a smaller selection than the previous retailer above but they offer some unique options that you can’t find elsewhere. If you easily get overwhelmed by a lot of choices World market might be the best place to start.

You can typically find them on sale and if not you can sign up for their membership program and email list for additional discounts.

World Market Rugs Favorites

Rugs USA is a large online rug retailer that offers an array of rug styles, materials, and prices for any budget. They have so many stunning rugs to choose from. I love that they offer a variety of price points and a different selection than their competitors.

They offer free shipping and easy returns but you do have to cover the cost of the shipping fee.

Rugs USA Favorites

If you have the budget Pottery Barn has the most gorgeous rugs. The majority of the rugs are hand-loomed and you can’t beat the quality.

Most affordable rugs are made from synthetic material and either machine-made or screen-printed. This can be great for adding rugs to your home on a budget, for high traffic areas, and home with pets and kids. Most of my own rugs fall into this category. But if you are looking for a high-quality designer rug spending the money on hand-loomed is the way to go. Pottery Barn offers a beautiful selection.

Pottery Barn Rug Favorites

Ruggable is a great place to buy rugs online if you are looking for a washable rug. They specialize in area rugs that can be placed right in your own washing machine. This is a game-changer for the dining room and home with pets and kids.

They offer an array of styles and colors. I have seen other retailers offer washable rugs but what makes Ruggable different is their rugs have two layers. A top layer that is thin and easily washable and a bottom layer that acts as a rug pad.

Ruggable Favorites

Target has some of the best on-trend affordable home decor and their rug selection is no exception. They have a variety of styles including outdoor. Although you can find some of them in-store, shopping online gives you access to all that they offer.

Some of my favorite Target rug brands are; Threshold, Project62, Threshold Studio McGee, and Hearth and Hand with Magnolia.

Target Rug Favorites

I was even surprised by this one. Rejuvenation is known for its stunning modern lighting and hardware but I have no idea they also sold area rugs. I actually didn’t discover this until I started doing research for this post.

I haven’t personally purchased rugs from them but I can tell you that they have a beautiful selection of handcrafted rugs. If you are looking for a unique one-of-a-kind look style rugs Rejuvenation may have the perfect selection for you.

Rejuvenation Rug Favorites

Wayfair has a massive selection of area rugs and is a great place to buy rugs online. They have something for every budget and offer Free fast shipping. They also have a few other companies under the same umbrella; Joss and Main, Birch Lane, and All Modern. All of these online retailers offer area rugs making your options endless.

The best way to shop an online retailer this large is to use their filters. You can filter the size, color, price, and style of rug you are looking for. Making it a little easier to find the perfect rug for your home.

Wayfair Rug Favorites

Last but not least Etsy is a great place to find one-of-a-kind vintage rugs. If you are looking for a true vintage style rug it doesn’t get much better than a real one of a kind. There are a variety of shops that you can shop. I will list some of my favorites below. Due to the nature of these being one of a kind I am going to share the shops instead of my personal picks.

Etsy Shop Favorites

Kilim Rug Home

Decorative Vintage Rug

Bohemian Area Rugs

Turquality Rugs

Affordable Farmhouse Style Rugs

Affordable Outdoor Rugs

Boutique Rugs Review

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