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How to Build a Garden Bar From Scratch

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How to Build a Garden Bar From Scratch

The concept of the garden bar has already seen a spike in interest across the country. A unique contemporary item of garden furniture, the garden bar added style and function to personal outdoor spaces, and also enabled people to safely enjoy social events in spite of certain coronavirus pandemic restrictions in 2020-21.

But the garden bar is currently enjoying a second spike amongst UK households, as more people seek alternatives to eating and drinking out in response to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis. Garden bars are also relatively simple projects from a DIY perspective – making for an excellent way to save money and improve your garden. But how should you go about building a bar from scratch?

Choose an Appropriate Site

First things first, you will need to identify and prepare the site for your garden bar. Tempting as it may be to pick the most aesthetic spot, there are some logistical issues to consider as well. For example, building under an overhanging tree may introduce problems in the form of tree roots; alternatively, the foot of your garden may be on an incline, frustrating attempts at a level build. Some issues can be solved with ease, but this preparatory work should be planned for just as well as your main construction efforts.

Gather Tools

Firstly, you’ll need to ensure you have the right tools to complete your construction project. You will naturally need a drill to assemble your bar framework, but you will also need saws to properly cut your timber and decking to size.

For finishing your bar, you will need a number of different tools. A nail gun will be useful for placing your plasterboard, but you will also need a multi-tool to finish surfaces and install electrics.

A multi-tool is an oscillating power tool with different attachments, including cutting edges and sanding blocks. These can be used for cutting neatly into plasterboard after it is installed (to complete electrical outlet or lighting installation), and for smoothing surfaces. The DeWalt cordless multi tool would allow you to work in the furthest reaches of your garden without requiring mains electricity access.

Gather Materials

Next, you will need to procure your raw materials for the build itself. The vast majority of materials you need for your bar build are wood or wood based. You will need to build a foundation for the bar itself, from harder-wearing wooden beams or sleepers; you could use decking boards, which you may already need to create a floor in front of the bar.

You will need timber planks for your bar framework, and plywood or MDF to clad your bar’s interior and roof. On top of this, you may wish to use plasterboard to finish the interior walls and ceiling. You will also need to invest in tiles, thatchor bitumenfor a long-lasting weather-resistant roof.


Lastly, the construction process itself is a relatively simple one, split into a few key steps. The first step is to create your bar’s foundation or base, by framing out its footprint with sills. These sills are then reinforced with timber joists and support, before your floor and decking can be installed.

Next, you can raise the frames for your boundary walls and the bar itself, before building the roof frame. Cladding is next, after which treatment and finishing can be undertaken.

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