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10 Essential Tips to Keep Your Home Clean Through the Holidays

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10 Essential Tips to Keep Your Home Clean Through the Holidays

As much as we love the holiday season and the festivities that come with it, they can also induce stress and anxiety. More so if you will be hosting a feast and accepting guests for a sleepover. That’s because you will need to plan what dishes to cook and make your rooms ready for visiting friends and family.

Lastly, you want to ensure that everyone will have fun this holiday season.

In this post, we will walk you through ten helpful cleaning tips that will allow you to clean and prep your house before guests arrive:

1. Prepare a checklist

If you want a sparklingly clean home for the holidays, you need to ensure that every nook and cranny in your house is free from dust and dirt. You can achieve this by preparing a checklist beforehand.

Ensure that you list areas that need to be cleaned and use them for dusting and scrubbing. That’s precisely why professionals use a list when cleaning a property.

2. Remove the clutter first

To make dusting easy, you need to remove all clutter from the room. Make sure that you pick up used clothes and scattered toys, make the bed, organize books and magazines, place the dishes in the sink, and get rid of the trash.

According to Maid Sailors Maid Service NYC, getting rid of the clutter can make a huge difference. Ensure that you get rid of excess items that aren’t working and the things you don’t use anymore.

3. Minimize the decorations

When going through your holiday decorations this year, ensure that you eliminate anything that no longer works. Use a donation box for unwanted items with the things you decided not to decorate this year.

Also, try to eliminate anything you no longer need and take up unnecessary space. This will make your home less cluttered and make it more inviting to holiday guests. Keeping it simple this holiday season is alright if you’re expecting holiday guests.

4. Maximize your storage space

Another great way to keep your home sparklingly clean during the holidays is to use organizers and storage containers. This allows you to organize holiday-related clutter effectively and makes it easy to clean up afterward.

So when the holidays come around, prepping and cleaning the space can be easy as a breeze.

We also suggest placing containers and organizers around the house as early as possible. This allows people to live in your place, quickly get into the groove, and make it a habit.

5. Focus on main traffic areas

High traffic areas should also be regularly kept clean, preventing the spread of dirt and dust throughout the rest of your home. Make sure that you have a designated spot for shoes. Remind everyone who enters your home to take off their shoes in one spot.

If you have furry pets that come in and out, make sure you have an old towel by the door. This is where they can wipe their paws when they come inside. You can also use this for quick clean-ups.

6. Prep the bathroom

Another high traffic area, especially during holiday parties, is the bathroom, so make sure they’re well-stocked. Ensure that you keep essential cleaning supplies for a quick clean-up and seasonal soap for a more festive touch.

See to it that you get a double room toilet paper. That way, rolls don’t need to happen often. Make sure that you keep a roll or two in stock as well. That way, it’s easier for guests to find these extra rolls when needed.

7. Clean the kitchen

During the holidays, there’s always more of everything. More people translates to more dishes. If there is one thing you should pay attention to when cleaning for the holidays, that should be your kitchen.

Those dishes can quickly pile up with all the cooking done over the holidays. Cleaning as you go will make it so much easier.

8. Tidy as you go

While you must keep a clean and tidy home throughout the year, this is super important, especially during the holidays. It’s so much easier than cleaning as you go rather than dealing with a huge mess later on.

Make it a habit to place small items such as drinking glasses right away as soon as you’re done with them. The best thing is that doing these little tasks only takes one or two minutes. You’ll be saving a lot of time and energy in the end.

9. Go with a cleaning schedule

During the holidays, chances are you’ll be busy holding events and parties. However, cleaning tasks need to be done, such as washing the dishes and doing the laundry.

Falling behind these important cleaning tasks will only make you stressed out. Thus, create a weekly cleaning schedule that you can follow throughout the holidays to help you keep on top of things.

10. Let the light In

Open your windows to welcome the natural light in. This is to show off your clean and organized home. See to it that you roll up the shades and pull the curtains back.

Letting the light in makes a space so warm and inviting, the same feeling you want to have during the holidays.

Decluttering and getting rid of dust and dirt from your home before the holidays can be time-consuming and stressful. That way, you can follow the holiday cleaning tips mentioned above. Doing so will make prepping and cleaning your house for this festive season manageable.

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