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5 Stylish Modern Menorahs Handmade by Ceramic Artists

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5 Stylish Modern Menorahs Handmade by Ceramic Artists

Banana-shaped menorahs, menorahs made from bicycle gears, lineups of nail polish pots menorahs. For years the marketplace has been flooded with creative options for celebrating Hanukkah. Now, we’re happy to report, there are handmade, soulful options out there, too: designs made for the Jewish Festival of Lights—which takes place this year from Sunday, December 18 to Monday, December 26—but also for other occasions that call for candles. Here are five examples made by ceramic artists who produce annual limited-edition menorahs that sell out—so if you miss the one you’re after this year, follow these creators and be at the ready next year. (N.B.: Stay tuned for the Hip Hanukkah Table later this week.)

tucson ceramicist andrea kashanipour (@artnacky) makes her tree & bird meno 9
Above: Tucson ceramicist Andrea Kashanipour (@artnacky) makes her Tree & Bird Menorahs exclusively for Nickey Kehoe in LA. No two exactly alike; $400. Photograph by Hannah McKeown courtesy of Nickey Kehoe.

the rachael pots clay menorah (@rachaelpotsceramics) is composed of nine hand t 10
Above: The Rachael Pots Clay Menorah (@RachaelPotsCeramics) is composed of nine hand-thrown, linked bottles that Rachael says “remind us of the single oil bottle or cask from the story of Hanukkah.” It’s $210 in four glaze options from the Brooklyn ceramic artist’s own studio; it’s also available from Food52.

the stoneware jst x b. zippy menorah is from judaica standard time (@judaicasta 11
Above: The stoneware JST X B. Zippy Menorah is from Judaica Standard Time (@judaicastandardtime), an online shop that “explores the space between faith and design.” It’s shown here in chartreuse; $200.

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