May 27, 2024

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8 Top Dishwashers To Upgrade Your Kitchen

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Fisher & Paykel Series 11 Professional Series  ($2,499) –  This stainless steel appliance has a capacity for 14-place settings. The dishwasher has 8 different wash options including quick wash, sanitize, and extra dry. The tall drawer is easily accessible that is positioned at bench height for easy load and minimal bending. The dual drawers allow different wash programs to clean everything from glass and crystal to pots and pans.


Miele G7966 SCVi AutoDos ($3,499)  – The handleless dishwasher is 24 Inches with a fully integrated smart dishwasher. It features a 3D multiFlex tray, wifi, and a unique knock-to-open automatic door. The dishwasher can be connected to the [email protected] app to autostart and manage appliances from anywhere.



Bosch 800 Series ($1,299) – The stainless steel dishwasher has PrecisionWash® to clean a fully packed dishwasher. It makes little to no noise, which is a necessity for those with an open kitchen. In fact, it’s so quiet that Bosch added a light feature that shines on the floor when the dishwasher is running. The flexible 3rd rack can fold down which adds 30% more loading capacity.



ZLINE 24″ Monument ($1,699) – The matte black appliance will certainly turn heads in every kitchen. It can accommodate up to 16 place settings and has an adjustable rack to add larger dishes up to 13 inches. This dishwasher has many cleaning options including a multi-motion system that allows a multi-angle deep cleaning cycle.

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