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Curb Appeal: Holiday Decoration Ideas

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Curb Appeal: Holiday Decoration Ideas

Curb Appeal: Holiday Decoration Ideas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time to go down in the basement, drag up those green and red storage bins and spread some holiday cheer all over the house.

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Cheer Up Those Windows

A cheap and easy way to decorate both inside and outside at the same time! There are plenty of window clings in the stores nowadays. You can even get crafty and print out a few templates with a do-it-yourself approach. Make it a special holiday project with the kids!

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Front Porch Tree

Maybe. Just maybe Santa will bring DOUBLE the presents if you have a Christmas tree inside AND a Christmas tree outside. Consider having a faux tree inside and have the REAL tree outside on the porch. More family time going out to a Christmas tree farm, picking out that special tree, and putting it on your front porch! At least there won’t be any needles inside!

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Hanging Up Some Prints

Think of a mini-gallery wall of holiday prints! Easy to go online. Find some cool festive prints and hang them up around the house! You can show some off some of your favorite holiday movie quotes this way.

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Bow On The Front Door

Go to your local craft store and pick out your favorite holiday ribbon. It won’t take up much time and it will add that extra special touch to the front of your home! Top to bottom, side to side, make it BIG! Make sure you get enough!

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You’re A STAR

It’s amazing what 5 yardsticks can do to brighten up your home. Consider taking them together to form a star and put a sprig of holly near the middle. BINGO!




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