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DIY Idea: Natural, Hand-Woven Potholders Will Have You Revisiting a Childhood Craft

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DIY Idea: Natural, Hand-Woven Potholders Will Have You Revisiting a Childhood Craft

Chances are, nearly everyone reading this post has made a hand-loomed potholder, either as a child or with a child. This simple craft is both meditative and fun. But to me it’s always been a pity the typical kit features synthetic fabrics in colors that often border on garish.

Happily, a new class of artisans have elevate this kid craft for the design-minded and eco-conscientious adult. Made from hand-dyed natural or recycled fabrics, they’re not only better looking but better for the planet, too. They’ve inspired me to revisit the handwoven potholder—and might do the same for you.

from our latest book, remodelista, the low impact home, here are my creations,  9
Above: From our latest book, Remodelista, The Low Impact Home, here are my creations, which were made from recycled T-shirts that I cut into strips.
ojai based textile artist kate kilmurray seeks to &#8\2\20;reinvent handloo 10
Above: Ojai-based textile artist Kate Kilmurray seeks to “reinvent handloom-woven work for the modern age.” Inspired by nature, her work is fashioned from hand-dyed, sustainable fabrics. Kate’s potholders come in all different colorways. Prices start at $22, and higher-priced weavings are quite complex and often one-of-a kind. This Potholder in Flax, Apricot, and Rust is from her Part of her Wave Collection IV; $50.
fashioned from \100 percent organic jersey, alabama chanin&#8\2\17;s hand l 11
Above: Fashioned from 100 percent organic jersey, Alabama Chanin’s Hand-Loomed Cotton Potholder is generous enough to serve as a trivet; $58.

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