June 17, 2024

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How Clients style their Schumacher wallpaper

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How Clients style their Schumacher wallpaper

Lauren’s Use of Schumacher is Charming

We love seeing how our client’s style our products ordered from our site. Recently Lauren Sakalarios, or on Instagram she’s known as ‘Lalasaks‘, shared photos of her gorgeous home with us featuring some of our favorite Schumacher fabric and Schumacher wallpaper styles. The unconventional yet elegantly paired styles truly creates a unique moment that’s hard not to appreciate.

Zanzibar Trellis from Schumacher Wallpaper, Iconic Leopard from Schumacher Fabric

This beautifully colored entryway is full of charm from the table and wall decor, to the lighting that compliments the chair upholstery and wallpaper. On the pillows you can see Honshu from Thibaut fabric, and the seats of the chairs are upholstered in Iconic Leopard by Schumacher fabric. The use of soft sky blue to contrast the dark wood and gold hardware is a match made in heaven. On the walls is Zanzibar Trellis from Schumacher wallpaper in a soft powdery blue and white that wraps the whole scene together.

Honshu and Zanzibar Trellis: A Perfect Match

Moving on into the dining room we find a stunning re-imagining of the same fabric and wallpaper combo. The same Honshu from Thibaut fabric that was used on the cushions in the previous photo is now the drapery in the dining room. It beautifully contrasts and highlights the light blue Zanzibar Trellis Schumacher Wallpaper. Not to mention the gorgeous and chic candle sticks tying each piece of blue together in unison.

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