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Mother of Pearl Tiled Tray

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This mother of pearl tile is the star of the show on this old thrifted tray!

Hello, my sweet friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful August. Wow, has it been HOT! Like “I’m melting” kind of hot! I’m not complaining, lol, I LOVE summer but even this summer-loving girl might be a smidge ready for some fall temps. (did I just say that? haha)

Anyway, we are freshly back from our trip to Pigeon Forge and NASHVILLE! We’ve been wanting to go to Nashville since before you know what. That thwarted our plans for a few years but thankfully we were finally able to go! AND we even snuck in a little family getaway to Pigeon Forge while we were at it. Yay!
I’ll be sharing photos and things we saw (and did), tips for a visit (if you are interested), etc., later this week. So stay tuned if you’d like to see more about our trip.

Today is Trash to Treasure day and I am sharing my find made over along with my friends. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see theirs too.

Mother of Pearl Tiled Tray

Here is it before…

wood tray on shelf

Remember this one from my finds in the Outer Banks recently?
Check them out here.

I originally thought I’d leave the frame wood stained but as it happens often, I changed gears midstream. lol

But let’s talk tile.

mother of pearl tile

I found this gorgeous tile on Amazon and decided to use it for this tray.
How pretty is that?


If you have been around a while, you know I love to tile! Trays, coffee tables, etc.
Here are a few I’ve done:

I’ve done more tile projects than those, so search “tile” or “tiled” in the search box to see more.

This time I used E6000 glue to attach the tiles to the tray. (I do it in several different ways)

wood tray with e6000 glue

This glue is great though because it is rock solid.

I have been very lucky on most of these tile projects with the tile working out perfectly (or close enough) so that none of the tiles needs cutting. Sadly, that was not the case this time…boo!
So I had to come up with a “fix”.

brown wood tray with white tiles

I had too much edge leftover on each side. So I decided to hot glue some rope in those areas.

I am happy with how that turned out, thankfully.
And hmm, my original plan of leaving the frame stained did not really appeal to me once the tile was in.
SO I switched gears, as I often do! ha!

wood tray with green tape

I taped the tile and rope edges with my favorite FrogTape and decided to paint the wood white.

Yes, yes, yes, now to caulk all the edges for a nice seamless look.

mother of pearl tile, rope and white painted wood

So much better!

white tiled tray on table top

I love everything seamless!

side of white tiled tray handle

Very clean and crisp. I love it.
And those tiles are just beautiful in real life.

white tiled tray, green plant and seashells

close up of white tiled tray

Looks nice on our new ottoman. And check out that cute boy in the background. 🙂
You can find the ottoman, here.

ottoman with tray and white dog in dogbed

He was happily chewing his bone until I called his name 🙂 …

white dog in dogbed

He’s such a good, sweet boy.

He moved to this spot as I was taking the photo here…can you see his baby bed there? It’s by his head there and the same color as him. (It’s his very first bed he had as a puppy and is tiny…he mouths it like a pacifier! It’s his favorite thing, so darn cute!)

top view of brown ottoman and white tray

I’m loving the new look of my mother of pearl tiled tray!

white tiled tray, green plant on table top

PIN it to save it!

This mother of pearl tile is the star of the show on this old thrifted tray! artsychicksrule.com

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Stop back by later this week to see all about our Nashville trip (and more!).


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