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My New Living Room (Center Fireplace) Furniture Layout

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My New Living Room (Center Fireplace) Furniture Layout

My home renovation is shaping up at Timeless Acres Farm. So today I wanted to talk about some of the changes in my living room and furniture layout ideas for a center fireplace. 

First, an update on our renovation progress

When I first saw our new house, what bothered me the most was where the dining room was located. Basically when you walked into the front door this is what you saw (below). 

And now? The floor tile in this entryway has been removed and the engineered hardwood floor re-sanded and restained. I’ve added moulding to both sides of the beams and they have been painted the trim colour as well.

Oh, and that ceiling is now blue. Did you see my latest obsession here?

Anyway, the existing layout makes arranging furniture in the remaining living area, super awkward and unbalanced:

By the way, notice the lack of lamps here. Instead of ‘sticks in a vase’ arranged on the dining room console, those should have been lamps. And, the same with the other side of the room where the television is located (above). Every living room needs at least 6 lamps.

Anyway, I digress. I ended up moving the dining room. Now it will be located in my sunroom right off the kitchen which then leaves me with the living room of my dreams!

I’ve always loved the idea of having a living room with two or three seating areas! 

We just installed 24″ x 24″ Calacatta porcelain tile to replace the existing 12″ x 24″ green grey tile you see in this room above, which also connects to my kitchen backsplash tile.

Living room layout ideas with a fireplace in the middle

Now that the dining room has been moved, the furniture arrangement in the living room can get a lot more interesting (below). So now, I’m scouring room designs with a centered fireplace. 

Mark Roper

Another option would be to install millwork but that’s a lot of cabinets and bookcases. And, I have the same size room upstairs that I can allocate to bookshelves. 

I love this room and the coral tones too, which I plan to add to my living room colour palette this time around since I made the decision to move the lavender decor and art in my current living room over to our primary bedroom.

Our downstairs living room will not have a television. Anyone else out there have a living room without a TV? 

A design plan is so important for furniture arrangement. Because once you have a plan in place you can confidently buy furniture in the right size and the right shape. Learn how to shop online for your decor here.

Here’s another large room with the fireplace in the centre. Notice again, there’s a sofa against the wall beside the fireplace:

Ashley Whittaker Design

I also like this arrangement on the right side of the fireplace.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

This room above reminds me of the french doors in my living room:

Lots more updates coming to the blog once everything starts coming together!

This Thursday on Instagram live at 11:00 am PST Jan Romanuk and I will be talking about moulding (don’t worry I will be adding the video to my youtube channel as well for those of you not on that platform).

Anyway, we are adding panelling to this entire wall above the stairs (below) the openings from the entertainment room upstairs that you see here have already been drywalled over (and so they should, why disturb everyone who is downstairs with whatever is happening on TV upstairs?).

The panelling will be similar to what was already installed below the stairs and when you look at both walls, it makes no sense that they didn’t keep going with it on the upper wall and all we have is the strip of moulding that covers the expansion join on the second floor.

And we’ve already removed the grid moulding around the fireplace (you can see on the right above) because it didn’t relate to any other moulding on this floor.

Anyway, when the finishing carpenters were installing the panelling Jan sent me a photo.

And I freaked out!

I called her and said “I think I hate that Jan, that’s look wrong, hold on I’m driving over now”

But I don’t know anything about moulding, I just know if I like it when it’s done. So after she showed me what she did and we talked about what the only other alternative was, I realized something:

She was right, and I was right to trust her to begin with because this is her area of expertise.  We can’t be experts at everything!

Stay tuned for that conversation on my Instagram live on Thursday!

 And again, I will post it on youtube as well. The other two lives we’ve done are already posted, you can see them here.

Things are getting exciting, the only thing I’m missing out on is Christmas decorating, we will be moving in right before Christmas!

Our Spring dates for my virtual Specify Colour with Confidence workshops are up! Become a True Colour Expert, register here.

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