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Schumacher Fabric – Exquisite Embroideries

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Schumacher Fabric – Exquisite Embroideries

New Schumacher Embroidered Fabric

This new collection offers gorgeous Schumacher Fabric by the yard featuring a fun and festive array of color palettes that remind us of Summer. It’s never been a better time to get your personal project started with some new Schumacher upholstery fabric, especially with these fresh designs. The Exquisite Embroideries collection pays an ode the warm seasonal breezes that touch your heart and invoke happiness.

Schumacher upholstery fabric All Year Long

With some of the finest quality in embroidery detailing, Schumacher’s patterns have a level of sophistication to even the more whimsical patterns. Noticing the use of aquatic and nautical motifs, mixed with wild flowers and floral arrangements you’d find in a lily pond, you can begin to imagine the scene Schumacher is attempting to paint with this collection, a plethora of different Summer moments you’d hold close in your heart.

New Schumacher Fabric patterns within the Exquisite Embroideries collection include:

Schumacher Fabric Online

It wouldn’t be a Schumacher fabric collection without the perfected attention to detail, from a gorgeous deep navy fabric with tiny crustaceans satin-stitched on a pure and simplistic cotton ground, or their more complex and whimsical crafted fabrics with whimsical designs of sea life, made extremely tactful with delicate beading incorporated and fringed raffia elements. These embroidered fabrics pop right off the base, with stylized and satin stitch foliage and blooms that are edged with a clipped fringe done entirely by hand, or robust and dense embroidered stitches that cover every single inch of the pattern showcasing a luxurious sheen that catches anybody’s attention, its a no-brainer why you’d want to use some of these fabrics.



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