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Sproos! Offers an Affordably Easy Bathroom Upgrade

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Sproos! Offers an Affordably Easy Bathroom Upgrade

As any renter knows quite well, meaningful upgrades permitted to a rental home or apartment by most landlords are few and far between. This is especially true when it comes to matters of plumbing, both a pricey and sometimes difficult route toward upgrading. Bathroom fixture brand sproos! (the exclamation point is their own emphasis) arrives as a welcome surprise in this regard, giving renters (and homeowners) an easy to install opportunity to shower themselves with a colorful bathroom upgrade with three customizable hand shower kits.

Red and yellow editions of Sproos showerhead set side by side against white tiles.

Features vary across the three models, but all shower fixtures include a pivoting shower holder, 3 spray hand shower, small soap dish shelf, a 24″ slide bar, and a 70″ hose.

For many people upgrading plumbing fixtures can seem like a daunting task out of their comfort zone, more so when bound by a rental agreement. Sproos! is designed to make switching out a standard showerhead for a hand-style shower wand with slew of features and options as easy as assembling IKEA furniture and without the risk of any damage (the entire assembly/installation process is simplified by a QR code on the packaging which walks you through the entire process by video). Add in a small catalog of striking color options that deviate from the usual chrome or matte metal finish, and refreshing the bathroom in four easy steps seems a reasonable weekend project for anyone.

Sproos showerhead parts shown before assemble with box against purple background.

Priced between $200 to $270, the three models are primarily variations of the same hand shower with a different assortment of accessories. The highest priced Lookin’ Good comes with the aforementioned hand shower set, sliding rail, soap dish, plus an anti-fog mirror, multi-purpose cup, and shelf. The Staying Connected, as its name implies, features the same hand shower, shower rail, soap dish, cup, but also includes a phone holder so you can stream music while showering (just don’t call into your work Zoom while doing so!). The Minimalist keeps it most simple, limited to the hand shower, sliding rail, and spiffy soap dish

White and black editions of Sproos showerhead against white tiles.

Sproos!’ two co-founders cite a life as renters in NYC and around the country as the impetus for starting the brand. Armed with experience at a “large, traditional, home fixtures company,” the brand’s aim to challenge the standards of the industry seem well attuned to the tastes and lifestyles of a younger generation seeking more colorful means of sprucing up the bathroom while retaining the chance renters won’t be threatened with the chance of losing their rental safety deposit.

Woman in red bathing suit showering with her back to Sproos red showerhead.

Check out the entire sproos! shower collection at sproos.co.

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