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The Amazon Coffee Table That Doubles As a Dining And Storage Spot

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The Amazon Coffee Table That Doubles As a Dining And Storage Spot

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When living in a small space, making room for a dining set is usually one of your last priorities. You can’t exactly go without bedroom furniture, and living room seating is a must. After all, you can usually make do by just eating on the couch or at the kitchen bar. In fact, when you really think about, dining tables are so old-fashioned, harkening back to the nuclear family structure of yesteryear. Okay wait, I think I’m getting ahead of myself. In truth, this piece of furniture can come in handy on numerous occasions, such as hosting guests, working from home if you don’t have a dedicated office, and spending quality time with relatives. But still, we understand if you genuinely don’t have the space for one. Luckily, we stumbled upon a dining room-coffee table combo on Amazon that won’t take up any additional space in your home.

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We just found your next compulsory Amazon purchase, and it’s this 3-in-1 lift top coffee table. One if its multiple configurations is in the form of — you guessed it — a dining table! Get ready to usher in a new era of comfortable mealtimes.

When you first start to assemble this piece, it looks like any other stylish coffee table. Sporting a rustic brown wooden foundation and matte black steel frame, it’s sure to easily fit in among the rest of your living room set. But this table has a not-so-secret weapon: its lift-away top. The rectangular surface extends outward, allowing a smaller piece to pop out. As a result, you get two different-sized tabletops: one that’d make a great workspace and one that can serve as a makeshift TV tray. Need more space still? That’s simple — just unfold the larger tabletop to double it and achieve your full dining setup. You can seat up to eight people around its perimeter for shared meals, game nights, and wine circles. There’s intimacy without feeling on top of your fellow diners.

Amazon shoppers who bought this product love its pared-back design and easy-to-follow assembly process. (There’s even a step-by-step video on the product page that lays it all out for you.) “This coffee table is beautiful and matches perfectly with my farmhouse decor,” one reviewer shared. “Some assembly required, but the instructions are very well written, and it even includes a screwdriver!!!” But that’s not all. In addition to sparing you from having to buy a separate dining table, this lift top piece also saves space with its multiple storage compartments. You have the full bottom base, as well as three inner chambers that can hold a ton of stuff. Store your work supplies, streaming accessories, and personal mementoes all in one place. Basically, you can count on this table to become your favorite spot for nearly every activity.

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