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The Best Design Gifts for TikTok Obsessives, from Cameras to Cocktails

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The Best Design Gifts for TikTok Obsessives, from Cameras to Cocktails

Contrary to popular belief, TikTok is not just obnoxious videos chronicling the day in the life of 24 year olds making six figures and and viral pieces of furniture and decor (I am looking at you, mushroom lamp and Ultrafragola mirror). I love perusing the app’s unique take on aesthetics, translated into various “cores”—think cottagecore, Y2k, whimsigoth, and dark academia—all of which immediately conjure a specific mood, time, or place. If you or someone you know wants to make their work and living space less dreary, borrowing some small elements here and there can really enliven any space in need of a refresh.


Metallics, sunset hues, blob-like shapes, chrome finishes, and iridescent patterns define the Y2K aesthetic, which projected an optimistic idea of what the future had in store.

A new point and shoot camera

Canon IVY CLIQ2 Instant Camera Printer

The Canon IVY CLIQ2 is a simple and fun Instant Camera printer that is pocket-sized so you can take it with you on-the-go.  Easily shoot and print 2″x3″ photo stickers instantly and place them almost anywhere thanks to a peel and stick backing.  You can even get creative and print with a…

Film cameras are nostalgic and therefore de rigueur in a Y2K aesthetic. The Canon Ivy Cliq combines digital and analog in one model.

A sunset lamp

YouOKLight’s Sunset Lamp

The Sunset Lamp’s soft lighting can set the scene for a dream-like picture, bout of nostalgia, or both.  Rotating the light adjusts the size and shape of the projected halo: the greater the distance, the larger the circle of light on the wall or ceiling. …

A big part of the Y2K aesthetic hinges on iridescent color schemes and gradients. A sunset lamp will project those rich sunset hues on any wall of your choice.

A mirrored accent, like this vase 

Arcs Vase

Designed by Belgian duo Muller Van Severen, the Arcs Vase is formed by a unified chain of vertical arcs that create an elegant, scalloped silhouette. Made in stainless steel with a mirrored finish or steel in different colors.

The overall vibe is moody with an emphasis on Classical Studies, academics, and the arts: an idealized version of elite on-campus life.

A writing box 

Galen Leather’s The Writing Box

Centuries ago, writing boxes enabled people to transport their stationery and writing instruments from place to place.

Take the dark-academia aesthetic anywhere you go with a writing box made of solid wood and leather. 

A perfectly moody candle

Byredo’s Bibliothèque

Sheltered from the passage of time, libraries have the power to teleport us to a world in suspension. The velvety quality of the paper embodied in a touch of peach, plum and vanilla and the omnipresent patchouli like a backbone runs through the composition.

This candle evokes the feel of paper and leather-bound library books. Plum and cinnamon give way to a leather accord, with base notes of birch woods, patchouli, and vanilla.

A book about the gods, for vibes reminiscent of The Secret History

The Library (Volume 1) by Apollodorus

The Library provides in three books a grand summary of traditional Greek mythology and heroic legends.  Written in clear and unaffected style, the compendium faithfully follows the Greek literary sources.

Given Dark Academia’s obsession with Classical Studies, knowledge of Greek mythology is of paramount importance. Apollodorus (2nd Century BCE) provided the quintessential compendium of Greek mythology and heroic legends, which is accessible to readers of all levels. On another note, aren’t Loeb’s covers the perfect shade of green?


Inspired by the countryside and an idealized version of home-making, cottagecore is the 21st-century equivalent of the idealized pastoral life of the past.

An herb kit, for all the would-be farmers 

Kitchen Essentials Herb Kit by Rooted

Take your cooking to the next level by incorporating fresh herbs into any recipe (except maybe some dessert.) Intimidated? Don’t be. The Kitchen Essentials Herb Kit consists of fresh Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, and Oregano all planted in 4″ diameter pots. …

One of the core tenets of cottagecore is the importance of home cooked meals, but especially baked goods. Herbs pair very well with scones and cakes. A kit to grow your own herbs will take the artisanal feel up another notch.

A beautiful tray for scones

Glass Tray, 18th Century Botanicals Series

John Derian’s decoupage is handmade to order in their New York studio using reproduced imagery from their vast collection of antique and vintage prints.  Trained artisans cut and collage our designs onto handblown glass.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for production.

Part of the appeal of cottagecore is its ties to the pastoral aesthetics of the past: you can’t go wrong with John Derian’s collection of trays featuring 18th-century botanical prints.


Less intense than traditional goth aesthtetics, the whimsigoth is still dark and mysterious, but make it rustic. Think items befitting a curio cabinet, intricate details, and scalloped edging. 

A corkscrew for their Pinot Noir

DOIY’s Insectum Corkscrew

 Quirk and elegant metal corkscrew shaped as a beetle. Its handy function is totally merged with its insect shape.

This beetle-shaped corkscrew combines taxidermy (a quintessentially Victorian pastime) and mythology (the beetle symbolizes the triumph of good over Evil).

Some prints from a classic

Pimpernel Strawberry Thief Tray

This quality blue melamine tray is strong, robust and durable, and brilliantly practical.  The intricate Strawberry Thief design forms part of the Morris & Co for Pimpernel collection.  William Morris was one of the most influential designers of the nineteenth Century and through his…

Whimsigoths would not exist without Stevie Nicks, who owes a lot of her iconography to the Pre-Raphaelite artists, who combined naturalism with medieval imagery. William Morris is the most eminent textile designer of the era.  (If you don’t want to commit to his fabrics or tapestries, start with a serving tray.)

Negroni Sbagliato and its discontents

The masses have spoken: Aperol Spritz is now cheugy, and thanks to Emma D’Arcy, a Negroni Sbagliato appears to be the classy, grown-up alternative to the famed Italian aperitivo.  Though this may be the first time you’ve heard of it, this drink is nothing new: Italians have known about it for the past 50 years, when, allegedly, the barman on duty just flubbed the original recipe. 

Some nice crystal

Waterford’s Lismore Tumbler

The Waterford Lismore pattern boasts a 60-year heritage, with a stunning combination of brilliance and clarity that combines the intricate detailing of Lismore’s signature diamond and wedge cuts with the comforting weight of Waterford’s hand-crafted fine crystal: enhancing the aesthetics of…

St. Agrestis’ Non-Alcoholic Phony Negroni 12-pack.

Non-alcoholic with nuanced juniper, citrus, and floral notes, the St. Agrestis Phony Negroni drinks with the same bitterness drinkers of the classic cocktail expect, sans alcohol. We’ve also added carbonation to help mimic the bite that alcohol typically provides.

You might not drink alcohol, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the bracing and balsamic flavor of a Negroni, thanks to Brooklyn-based distillery St. Agrestis’ non-alcoholic version. Extra carbonation provides a welcoming kick.


La Marca’s Prosecco Luminore (750ml)

Delicate aromas of white flowers and stone-fruits complement the soft, creamy-texture. Subtle hints of fresh citrus, pear and nectarine round out the exquisite palate. Clean, crisp acidity balances a touch of sweetness and offers a light, refreshing style.

Prosecco has always played second fiddle to champagne, but its dry and fruity taste combined with a much more budget-friendly price point make it an enjoyable staple in a household. (If you’re into certified origins, look for a bottle with the DOCG label.)

Looking for something else? Head right this way for the rest of our fabulous gift guides. 

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