May 22, 2024

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The CasiTa in Phoenix Comes With Huge Pivoting Glass Door

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The Casita House in Phoenix, United States stands out thanks to its modern design and attention to detail. It’s a beautiful home that’s not massive, yet plenty spacious, created by the architects at The Ranch Mine.

The outdoor patio looks amazing, as the massive door unites the areas.

The name off this particular construction is spelled as such, with a capital T, because the shape of the house is of a T. We have two symmetrical bedrooms that hug the living space and the kitchen/laundry/bathroom area.

The bedroom opens up into the living space.
The chic bathroom in the CasiTa

The whole house covers 974 square feet, but appears to be much larger since it features a massive pivot door that opens up the living area towards the covered patio. The patio itself comes in with another 255 square feet of living space.

The furniture inside is chic and cozy.

A glass door is fantastic and it allows so much natural light inside, but we should also massive the massive walls that are also made from floor-to-ceiling glass on the South, North, and East elevations.

One of the most impressive elements of the house is the massive glass door.

The massive door, however, is clearly the star piece of this house. Weighing 750 pounds and being 12 foot wide, it’s definitely imposing, but also so practical.

The open living area mixes in the kitchen and the dining area.

This construction was thought out to be a guest house, but the builders made sure that comfort was not forgotten. There’s an indoor fireplace and the glass walls are supposed to help everyone enjoy what nature has to offer.

With the door wide open, the inside and outside areas unite.

The inside of the house is also super chic. The gray flooring fits well with the crisp white walls, the gray couches and the wood coffee table, table and chairs, and the available kitchen cabinets. It’s all pretty cozy and makes up a wonderful living space.

The CasiTa plans.

Photographs: Roehner + Ryan


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