May 22, 2024

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Element By Lumen8 – SA Decor & Design

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The Factor Vary by Lumen8 is influenced by the exquisite opulence of art deco design.

The generously rounded edges and plush finish, reminiscent of a bygone period, demands specialised hand ending that can make each go over plate genuinely special.

Custom layouts

Lumen8 has perfected the Component assortment in its finest modern form of linear geometric designs. This is usually sq. or rectangular broken up by its curved edges. Each piece is then concluded with a variety of toggles and switches that are custom-designed to match the luxurious style of artwork décor.

Also, the Element vary is completed in stainless steel, brass or copper. The stainless steel can subsequently be powder coated in a quantity of distinctive colors.

In addition to this, a new solution of black chemically stained stainless steel has been designed. The final result is a timeless black marble glance which has grown in attractiveness.

Luxury and precision

Just about every piece in the assortment is bent to the precisely demanded edging followed by silver brazed corners, providing it its art décor style. The metals arrive as brushed, which also presents the metallic its distinct appear of great traces parallel to the brush path. For this cause, it is generally used in ornamental merchandise such as jewelry or far better nonetheless, Lumen8 swap gear.

There is also a next solution for copper and brass that entails a procedure of chemically ageing. This procedure provides it the natural look of aged brass or aged copper.

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