May 22, 2024

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The Cape Gallery Presents The Winter Solstice Exhibition

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The Cape Gallery invitations you to be a part of in and celebrate the Mid-Winter Solstice.

Colour – Team Exhibition

Opening: Sunday, 26 June at 4 pm Closes: 23 July

Whilst kind encompasses space, colour calls upon our experience of place and time, stirring up emotions in us. Color is analogous to audio where by the big keys are noted for pleasure and brilliance and the minimal keys seem to be melancholy. As we scan a function of art the shifting emphasis of our attention carries us from a single depth to an additional. Color is not essentially confined to type and edge but can be tempered by mild as it is modulated fluidly across the surface of a painting, defining the ambient mood of the artwork.

‘Interest in colour springs straight from the soul and goes irresistibly to the soul of the viewer’– Eugène Delacroix 1798 – 1863, a French Intimate Artist.

Featured Artists

Rachelle Bomberg, Jean Campbell, Elinor Carleton-Smith, Katrin Dorje, Derek Drake, Margot Hattingh, Bridget Heneck, Ian Hertslet, Juli Jana, Brian Johnson, Simon Jones, Marike Kleynscheldt, Robert Koch, David Kuijers, Mandy Lake, Robin Mann, Ken McGillivray, Drummond Murphy, Sheila Petousis, Fred Schimmel, Pamela Silver, Peter van Straten, Judy Woodborne

Be sure to observe that the Wild Existence – Team Exhibition will also quickly be heading to The Cape Gallery in July 2022. Be sure to continue to be posted for updates.

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