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How to Remove Paint from Concrete | Ep. 176

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 how to remove paint from concrete
You really do not need to use a ton of chemical substances to get rid of peeling concrete paint. (Katherine Jones)

Katherine Jones, in Cherokee Village, Ark., wants to know the very best way to get rid of paint from the concrete on her 60-foot-extended front porch. 

She doesn’t want to use a severe chemical stripper that could get rid of the shrubs and grass all-around the porch. 

The freshly painted concrete seems fantastic and quick to clean, but not extended soon after it starts off to blister or bubble. This is why we don’t endorse portray concrete.

Here’s how to clear away paint from concrete.

For a porch this sizing, lease an orbital flooring sander and select a sandpaper which is not far too coarse. You want to eliminate the finish and not grind the concrete. This will be the easiest way to get the bulk of the paint off.

Then, you are going to have to use some elbow grease to sand the spots the sander simply cannot attain, like about handrails and columns.

There are citrus-dependent strippers that are non-harmful and are not unsafe to crops. This sort of stripper will assist in the places exactly where the sander just can’t get to.

Also, consider renting a soda blaster. It will work the very same as a sandblaster but works by using baking soda alternatively. 

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Basic Solutions 

Use a soda bottle to h2o freshly planted shrubs. (3 Echoes Content Studio)

Improvised Lawn Sprinkler — The future time you have to have to h2o recently planted grass seed, trees, flowers or shrubs, and you really don’t have a sprinkler, you have a few solutions. 

You can go out and purchase just one, borrow a single from a neighbor, or you can make a single from an empty soda jug. 

  • Drill a few or 4 1/8-inch-diameter holes in the aspect of a plastic, two-liter soda bottle. 
  • Wrap some Teflon tape around the bottle treads and then screw on a female-to-female hose connector. 
  • Connect a backyard garden hose to the hose connector, location the sprinkler in the property with the holes going through up, and flip on the water. 

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Protest your fingertips with latex gloves. (eduardolopezcoronadophoto)

Rescuing Made use of Rubber Gloves — Ahead of discarding applied latex gloves, snip off any fingers that aren’t as well badly harmed or filthy, and use them as slip-on fingertip protectors when spreading glue, smoothing caulk or spraying paint.

Some termite warranty businesses do not address your dwelling if you have spray foam insulation. (inventory.adobe.com)

Query of the Week

Q: My spouse and I are building a new home. I was planning to use spray foam insulation, but immediately after contacting various termite-bonding organizations, I was astonished that most had been hesitant to go over properties with spray foam. Some flatly refused coverage. Why is that, and what other selections do I have? 

A: Some termite-bonding corporations really do not address properties with spray foam insulation simply because of inspection challenges.  

If you have fiberglass or Rockwool insulation, an inspector can just pull the insulation absent to look for termite injury. With spray foam insulation, they just can’t do that since it sticks to the wood. 

Some southern states have modified their developing codes to demand a termite inspection strip. This strip is put in over and underneath the basis slab and lets inspectors to see termite destruction in houses with spray foam insulation.  

Chat to a neighborhood building inspector and see what they suggest to do on a new property build.  

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