June 17, 2024

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RaveOn, the Glass and Wood Home You’ll Dream Of

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RaveOn house with oak tree

When architects put their creativity to work, the results are impressive. Such is this Austin house that was built in 1956 and redone in 2018.

RaveOn house with oak tree
The house is surrounded by large oak trees providing plenty of shade.

Architects Fehr and Granger are the original creators of this wonderful wood and glass house that seems to hover above the ground among a canopy of oaks. The structure is the embodiment of what was considered modern at the time.

RaveOn separating wall
The lawn is separated from the pool area by a wall.

Many years later, the house was re-clad in insulated glass to improve energy efficiency. At the same time, the new team from Nick Deaver Architects returned the house to its original form and footprint after a former expansion and a garage were removed.

raveon wall
The areas are separated by a large cabinet that provides plenty of storage space and privacy.
raveon living area
The living area is simple – a large section, a couple of chairs, and lots of light wood.

This time around, the house gained a new seven-foot-high L-shaped oak cabinet that separates the formal and informal living areas, appearing like another wall, while providing plenty of storage space.

Raveon sitting
The RaveOn home features a cozy sitting area.
Raveon kitchen
The kitchen area benefits from magnific views through the glass walls.
Raveon stairs
The floating stairs feature the same colored wood as the rest of the house.

The house features a generous master bedroom, another smaller bedroom, a large living area that melts into the kitchen, and a living area.

Raveon views
The house offers impressive views via the floor to ceiling glass walls.

While the original design was brought back to life by the removal of some structures, the new architects did make some extra changes, like eliminating an upper terrace door and opening up towards the hanging stair.

raveon pool
The pool area is serene and offers loads of privacy.
raveon terrace
The sitting area by the pool provides a great space to entertain and relax.

Outside, there’s a massive pool and a beautiful terrace with a sitting area. The pool area is separated of the small lawn by a limestone, a theme that we can find in other areas of the house as well.

Photos: Casey Dunn


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