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The Link Up: The Odd Toy Young Kids Are Obsessed With That Ryann Bought For Her Niece, Caitlin’s Favorite Shirt That’s On Sale For $4, And A Great Place To Find

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The Link Up: The Odd Toy Young Kids Are Obsessed With That Ryann Bought For Her Niece, Caitlin’s Favorite Shirt That’s On Sale For $4, And A Great Place To Find

December, here we are! This month is always madness but we hope that all of us can take it in as much as possible and enjoy it. Did everyone read Em’s post to help with this? If you haven’t, we promise it’s good with tactile ways to help with holiday stress. Until then, sit back and enjoy this week’s links.

This week’s house tour is an architectural marvel by architect, A. Quincy Jones, which was updated by Studio Shamshiri. The owner is an incredible gallerist and art collector and has made her 7,500 sq. ft. home a piece of art all on its own. The kitchen is stunning, the details are beautiful, and the scale of almost everything is overwhelming. We really recommend you read the article as well as look at the photos because the story of this renovation is also really special. Check it out here!

From Emily: If you haven’t heard, Camille Styles just launched her own online shop, Casa Zuma, and boy is it filled with pretty things. Their launch collection is full of handcrafted pieces that Camille has designed and sourced from artisans around the world. Congrats, Camille!

Emily and EHD have been huge supporters of Miry’s List for years. Miry has created an incredible organization that welcomes refugees and helps get them started in a new and unfamiliar world. An easy way to give back and support this holiday season (and year-round) is to donate items that are on these families’ wishlists to help get them the essentials they need.

Another wonderful organization that you should be familiar with if you’ve been following along for a minute is Pen + Napkin. Catie and her team decorate homes for families transitioning out of homelessness. The impact is HUGE. As it says on their site “50% of families that transition into an empty home, end up back in the system. But with furniture we see a 99% success rate”. We can tell you firsthand what an honor it is to be a part of this community. If you are able they have a “Subscribe to Good” monthly subscription that helps to put more families in homes that they feel safe in and proud of.

From Ryann: I got this odd toy for my niece for Christmas (she turns 2 on Dec 20) and I think it’s going to be a HUGE hit. It’s very unassuming–I mean, it looks like a giant bowl or shell, but supposedly kids of all ages are obsessed with it. Child development experts helped create it and it’s known to spark so much creativity and imaginative play. I’ll report back!

From Mallory: I found the CUTEST store with the best ornaments when I was in Palm Springs this past weekend..it’s so whimsy and fun and I loved the whole vibe so much. I ended up buying this ornament because I love the style of Palm Springs homes, but they have a lot of funny and cute ones if you’re in the market this holiday season 🙂

From Albie: I remember when H&M Home first launched, I still lived in NYC. I browsed the in-store assortment, however, I never really shopped because I didn’t need anything. I thought the choices were nice & never gave it much thought…until moving to the west coast where we have no H&M Home in stores. As the saying goes, you don’t know what ya got until it’s gone. Over the years, the H&M Home assortment has only continued to grow & I am so jealous of everyone who has access to an H&M store with the homewares. Why is this on the list? My favorite time to shop H&M Home has become Autumn and Winter. Everything they make exudes hygge & all of the vibes of the season — the colors, the textures… so good! This blanket and this pillow are perfect examples. It’s one of the few stores, when I shop, I haul. Now I just need someone to hand me a blank check lol.

From Caitlin: From Caitlin: My favorite t-shirt is on sale for $4.25 (no joke) right now! I own it in a ton of colors (the burnt orange shade, which is currently in stock, is one of my favorites) and I wear them at least once a week. They’ve held up incredibly to frequent washes – I actually got the aforementioned orange top while shooting one of EHD’s summer 2021 shorts posts – and they all still look like new, even 18 months later. I know that the price:quality ratio can be hard to balance – some cheap clothes do fall apart immediately – but this one is a great value. I love the drape (it’s not too tight anywhere, even if you have a larger chest) and it looks good french-tucked, fully-tucked, loose…you name it. It’s a total hidden gem, I promise:)

From Jess: I don’t think this pic is selling this toilet seat AT ALL. But in person I really love it. I originally had a white one but for some reason, after I got back from New York earlier this month it was basically broken. Not sure if I just didn’t realize it before I left or if a ghost decided to have a fight with it. Either way, I needed a new one and I’d been wanting to try a black seat for a while. I love the added drama (file under things I’d never thought I’d say about a toilet) and in a weird way when you enter my apartment and can see both my toilet and my living room at the same time, the black seat visually balances the two spaces better. Who knew it would have such an impact? I also half-installed this new Tushy (need to actually connect it to the water) so the seat looks a tiny bit wonky. It doesn’t bother me enough so both are staying!

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: i’ve had my new invisible smart locks for 4 months – here’s an honest review

In case you missed it on Instagram, Level Home invisible smart locks (the ones that Emily now has on both of her homes and LOVES) is doing a giveaway with us. To enter you need to go to Instagram, follow @levelhome, like this post, and then comment and tag someone you’d happily share guest access with. If you want to know more about how the locks work head to this post! Good luck:)

That’s a wrap! Enjoy the rest of your day and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by William Hunter Collective | Styled by Velinda Hellen, Erik Kenneth Staalberg, Emily Edith Bowser, and Julie Rose | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: The New Design Rules

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